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Diplomausstellung 2022
Di-So, 11-18 Uhr

Hochschule für Bildende Künste
Brühlsche Terasse 1
01067 Dresden
studio 153
(der Erdraum)

upcomming exhibition

+ aftershow DJ & Band

8pm / 20 Uhr

Full Moon Gallery
Hechtstraße 17
01097 Dresden

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end of exhibition: 07.10.2022

new work

golden bread - a memorial for farmers
* due to the worldwide increase in suicides among farmers
mixed media
in cooperation with METAMORFOSA - festival for sustainable development, the ecological Federal Volunteer Service

„Revision, social pressure and economic hardship and especially the growing death of soils due to decades of soil-damaging cultivation of arable land. 

Suicides among farmers apparently have two central causes: 

(1) The often extremely tense economic situation of many farms due to poor prices and high debt burden - while at the same time permanently revising the owners. 

(2) the low and deteriorating social recognition for the work of farmers – up to and including the bullying of peasant children at school. In Germany, this frightening development is reflected, among other things, in the statistics of the agricultural social insurance (SVLFG). 

According to this, one in five farmers retires from working life due to serious mental illness. The constant stress on many companies is also often the beginning of a burnout dynamic. The last stage of this spiral can then also be a suicide - if help does not come in time. 

Unlike in Germany, there are also official figures on suicides among farmers in France. According to a 2017 survey, around 650 farmers in France take their own lives every year. That would be almost two suicides a day.  Some associations see the number even higher, as many cases are not reported as suicide for insurance reasons – or even shame. 

This official suicide rate is 50 percent higher than in the rest of the population. 

One oft he highist rate of suicide has india. Each 30 seconds happens a suicide of an indian farmer.“ 

(Dr. Olaf Zinke, Redakteur, agraheute in: „Suicides among farmers: these are the causes“, 28.05.2019 & „Suicides of farmers – an affected farmer's wife reports“, 14.09.2021.München.) 


education & work

since 2015 Fine Art study, Academy of Fine Art, Dresden
orientation-class: Prof. Robert Klümpen
intensification-classes:  Painting: Prof. Peter Bömmels & Prof. Christinan Macketanz Perfomance: Prof. Nevin Aladağ  

2016-2018 assistent of Prof. Aleko Adamia (Art Academy Tiflis) 

2013-2015 work as an occupational therapist & nurse
since 2014 Bachelor of Science in Therapy and Nurse Care Science: HFH Hamburg

since 2013 occupational therapist: European school of occupational therapy Kreischa 


since 2017 scholarship talent association Begabtenföderungswerk Cusanuswerk e.V.

2014 founder of the studio house Hanse 3 e.V., Dresden

since 2014 voluntary work in Hanse 3 e.V., Dresden
2016 refugee project Folge kleine Herzen, Dresden 

2017-2018 refugee project Vision Integration Kunsttherapie Workshop, Projektschmiede gemeinn. GmbH, Radeberg
since 2021 permaculture garden: Temple Garden, Sada Shiva Dham Haidakhandi Samaj, Gelderland, Netherlands


Bilder Laden, Galerie Holger John, Dresden 

ECHO II, Hole of Fame, Dresden 

various exhibitions at Hanse 3 e.V., Dresden 


overview, ver.di, Dresden
Pleinair Abschlussausstellung Palaissommer, Dresden 

Jahresausstellung HfBK Dresden 

various exhibitions at Hanse 3 e.V., Dresden 

Meuterei und Beute, NM9, Dresden
Pleinair Abschlussausstellung Palaissommer, Dresden
Jahresausstellung HfBK Dresden
various exhibitions at Hanse 3 e.V., Dresden 

Accomplices Across Borders, Vanille Zukunft, Hole of Fame, Dresden 

Kunsthoch 46, Künstlerforum, Bonn 

Auch Frauen können malen, Galerie Holger John, Dresden 

PARTIDA, La Tabacalera, Klasse Prof. Christian Macketanz, Madrid,

Invalidovna, Klasse Prof. Christian Macketanz, Prague 

Fe*Male Intervention, Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Dresden

Krisengalerie, Blaue Fabrik, Dresden
Territorien, Klasse Nevin Aladag, HfBK Dresden, Zentralwerk e.V., Dresden 

Kulturschaufenster, Wir gestalten Dresden, Dresden
Hanse Hoch 3 - Festival, cultural-centre Hanse 3 e.V. Dresden
Kunst Hautnah - Festival, Dresden

Beyond the material, Weltclub, Afropa e.V., Dresden
METAMORFOSA, Festival für Nachhaltigkeit des öBFD, Blaue Fabrik e.V., Dresden



TAKE OVER, freie Performance Praxis, Galerie Stephanie Kelly, Dresden
MOBILE MOVEMENT ASSOCIATION, Akademie Ludwig-Windhorst-Haus, Osnabrück
Stadt.Erinnerung.Kultur, Hygiene Museum Dresden, collective choreography, Villa Wigman für TANZ e.V., Dresden

fe*male Intervention, HfbK Dresden
IM&EXPORT MOVES, MultiMoves & Olga Feger, Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden
DOWN BY THE WATER, performer of Occasion by Isabel Lewis & Las Trenzas by Lilly Pfalzer,
Tanzkongress, Dresden           
SIGNALS 3.0,  by Tools For Action Foundation, collective choreography, Kunsthaus Dresden
Megalopolis, Intervention exhibition Molly Moledet by Cornelia Renz, Produzentengalerie Dresden

IM&EXPORT MOVES, by MultiMoves & Olga Feger, Kleines Haus in Kooperation mit Montagscafé &  Staatsschauspiel Dresden
BREVITY, intervention exhibition Heimspiel by Cornelia Renz, Kunsthaus Erfurt
Territorien, performance-happening by cross-media-class Nevin Aladag, Zentralwerk e.V., Dresden
FICTION & REALITY, Kaur R, Hensel costume performance, C. Rockefeller Center for the contemporary Arts, Dresden

NATIVE NATURE I, Art Cube by H.P. Trauschke, Elbufer Dresden 

NATIVE NATURE II, Kulturschaufenster, Wir gestalten Dresden, Dresden
NATIVE NATURE III, Hanse Hoch 3, Festival of the studio-house Hanse 3 e.V., Dresden
NATIVE NATURE IV, Kunst Hautnah Festival, Dresden
FEDER TRIBE, mixed media performance with Aleksandra Vagabonda, Benuz, Blaue Fabrik e.V. Dresden



Surya Namaskar, Weltclub, Afropa e.V., Dresden
Jetzt ist immer, Künstlerbund Dresden e.V., Dresden