statement of art

Human relationships are the main focus of my artwork. 

I am exploring it in connection especially to nature and also to interpersonal behavior and contemporary social phenomena. 
Therefore I am using the wide fields of painting and performance. 
I want to show people the balance between the fragilement of relationships and the powerful effects of it. In fact the main topic is the climate change, which comes out of the non-balance created by humans in the self-made anthtropocene. 
 Due to this content context, I started using a variety of natural, organic, and recycled materials to achieve awareness of supporting a valuable interaction with nature. 

For me, it is also important to give people mindful attention to the handling and contacting to their own bodies. Seeing the body as the existential, organic basis – a part of nature and as an individual temple of every human being in permanent correlation to the environment which affects psychology, social, cultural, and mental influence. 
In my paintings bodies are shown as landscapes in constant symbiosis with nature including organic and anatomy elements and translated metaphorical functions and a new way of fractal patterns.
Humans are also integrated into a fictitious landscape which is built by an abstract translation of global topics.