statement of art

My artwork primarily revolves around human relationships. 
I explore this theme in connection with nature, interpersonal behavior, and contemporary social phenomena, employing a wide range of mediums such as painting and performance.

My aim is to illustrate the delicate nature of relationships and their profound impact, with a particular focus on climate change, stemming from the imbalance created by humans in the self-made Anthropocene era. To reflect this thematic context, I have incorporated a variety of natural, organic, and recycled materials to raise awareness about fostering a meaningful connection with nature.

Equally significant to me is encouraging people to be mindful about how they interact with and perceive their own bodies. I view the body as the existential, organic foundation—a part of nature and an individual's personal sanctuary. It exists in a perpetual relationship with the environment, influencing psychology, social dynamics, culture, and mentality.

In my paintings, I portray bodies as landscapes in constant symbiosis with nature, featuring both organic and anatomical elements. I interpret these elements metaphorically, introducing new fractal patterns. Additionally, I integrate humans into a fictional landscape constructed through an abstract translation of global issues.